Doggie Design Holiday Dog Camp Shirt - Halloween Jack-0-Lanterns

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Give your pup a festive Halloween look with our Doggie Design Holiday Dog Camp Shirt in the limited edition Halloween Jack-0-Lanterns pattern! Jack-o-Lanterns on black on a collared shirt Touch fastener closure along belly Lightweight cotton Based on the popular Doggie Design Hawaiian Camp Shirt style, you'll love this limited edition version that's perfect for Fright Night!   This collared shirt with tailored sleeves has a vintage style with orange Jack-o-Lanterns on a black background. The 100% cotton lightweight material will keep your pup feeling comfortable and looking cool during October. It's a fun look that's perfect for shopping, parties, and parades. It's a great Halloween style for dogs that prefer simpler attire than a full dog costume. Our dog camp shirts have a high-cut tummy to keep your pup clean and dry. The collared shirt provides a bit of relaxed style for Halloween and the whole month of October.   Made of 100% cotton with touch fastener closures at the chest.

Size  Chest   Neck   Length   Weight (pounds)

XXS   10"   8"   6½”   3-6

XS   13"   11"   8”   6-10

S   14"   13"   10”   10-16

M   17"   15"   12”   16-30

L   20"   18"   16”   30-45

XL  26"   19"   20”   45-60

XXL   31"   20"   24”   60-80  

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